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An Easy, Evergreen Strategy Anyone Can Use To Make Money Online!

If you’re struggling to make money online, I’d like to share with you one of the easiest and surest methods – and it won’t cost you a thing; in fact, you don’t even need hosting!

(I was going to put together a ‘Short Report‘ on this and market it for a few bucks. I might still do that, but I’m going to share it with you here regardless.)

I was prompted to write this post after reading a posting on the Entrepreneur sub-Reddit board from uber-entrepreneur Glen Allsop (ViperChill, Gaps).

The post was titled “$80,000 profit in December with an eight page website”, which itself was a summary of a case study Glen posted on his website. After chatting with Glen, I decided to write up something for the blog, which is this article.

The method revolves around using a particularly effective tactic to drive organic search traffic to a website, which is then monetized through affiliate links.

(For those sharp readers who were paying attention, yes I did say “you don’t even need hosting” lol; in fact you can implement this handily and almost as effectively using free blogs like Tumbler or Blogger – though there are benefits to choosing a domain name.)

Affiliate Marketing Redux

This ‘particularly effective tactic’ is to focus on keyword terms & phrases that don’t currently have much traffic, and hence are extremely easy to rank for – but are soon to trend, and in particular have a high ‘commercial value’:

  • “best {product} in 2017 (2018, etc)”
  • “{mfg/product} 2017 (2018, etc) model”
  • Etc…

I’m talking specifically about high-selling products that can be expected to have new models or versions coming out; consumer electronics is one of the more obvious markets since so much of the market is comprised of very competitive and technologically advancing products for which new models are being released all the time.

What It Looks Like

I’ll spell out for you what this looks like in a hypothetical scenario:

Let’s consider the home electronics market. One area ripe with new models due to adaptation of new technology is the flatscreen TV market, particularly as manufacturers start to announce new 4K and 8K HD models as their top-of-the-line high-end.

In researching this market, through company press releases, technology blogs, Google searches etc. we might learn that Samsung will be releasing the “Samsung X-8k”, a new networked hi-definition 8K flatscreen in 2018.

Few if any people are searching for “Samsung 2018 hi-def TV” yet, however that will change once it becomes available and they start to advertise the model and starts getting reviewed etc.

We also make sure that their current models are sold somewhere that we can create affiliate links for, such as on Amazon or

And so we create a blog around hi-def TVs or flatscreen TVs, or perhaps Samsung products.

And we specifically create some content around phrases like “Samsung 2018 high DEF TV”, and “New Samsung X-8k TV”.

We will start to rank on page 1 for searches of those phrases almost immediately. Doesn’t do us much good yet because nobody is actually doing those searches yet which is why were able to rank for them just by including them in relevance content on our relevant new website.

Fortunately that will change and when it does will be able to cash in on those searches by creating affiliate links to those products as soon as they’re available.

In order to hasten the process, and cement our rankings when competition does start to appear, it’s always a good idea to put at least a little effort into some basic on-page and off-page SEO: relevant keyword-rich content, appropriate meta-tags, building some simple & easy backlinks (Web 2.0 sites, Youtube and social media, etc).

I think you’re getting the idea here.

As long as it isn’t a monster product or market leader (like iPhone), you can almost always build an affiliate site around not-yet-popular search terms that are easy to rank for but will generate significant buyer traffic when the product is actually released i.e. “Samsung X-8k Review”.

(For those extra-super-sharp readers who have dabbled in affiliate marketing for a while, much of this probably sounds familiar – it is precisely the same tactic that the “launch jacking” strategy is built on: the ease of ranking for phrases that can soon be monetized, but haven’t yet attracted much competition.)

And so there you have it. I won’t go into all the detail of creating a blog, or affiliate links, etc.

It’s All About The Research

But I will say that the ‘trick’ to really taking advantage of and leveraging this strategy is in the research, specifically identifying those products that have the right ‘balance’ and criteria:

  • Products that people will be searching for, but aren’t yet
  • Popular enough to generate interest in new models, yet below the radar that competition would care about
  • Sold from sites for which you can create affiliate links

You can start by visiting sites & blogs that review or talk about the markets you want to consider (,,,, etc.)

You’ll also want to look to ‘second tier’ sites (,, etc.) and press release outlets (,

Just poking around while writing this post, I came across the type of info that could, without exaggeration, generate some 5-figures in affiliate commissions just by leveraging what I could glean from the post:  “Most Anticipated Phones of 2017” (from Toms Guide, a sister site of the well-regarded techie site Toms Hardware).

You should also get familiar with, and take advantage of Google Keyword Planner, and Google Trends to help you both to uncover new/different/alternative keywords & phrases, and find trending keywords & phrases. Hint: look backwards to see what’s likely to trend forwards – in other words, things that trended at a particular point in 2016 may do the same thing in 2017, 2018, etc.

You can also do some brainstorming by searching out & visiting sites that do this i.e. ‘Best Of’ sites and ‘Top Reviews’ sites.

I can tell you this, from direct personal experience: as you explore this strategy, you’ll find it becomes easier & easier, more & more product ideas come to you, you’ll start to develop some intuition about what’s worth pursuing, etc.

I can also tell you – and again, from direct personal experience – this is one of the easiest & surest ways to create real income. It may not be immediate, but it absolutely works, is evergreen, and can be done by virtually anyone at any level.

Now get out there and make some money!

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Michael Ullman

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