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Quality Twitter (and Facebook) Traffic, Quick & Easy!

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Like so many things in this industry, traffic can be invaluable – or worthless. And that holds true especially for Twitter (or Facebook) traffic!

JustRetweetIt comes down to targeting and qualification.

What makes Twitter really stand out is it’s enormity, reach, and it’s “search-ability”, which together makes it one of the most powerful marketing tools ever devised.

Twitter has made possible marketing & promotion tactics with unprecedented power & potential; as such, you’ll be seeing a lot of posts on ways to use it to it’s greatest advantage.

(Credit Where Credit Is Due: I was originally turned on to Just Retweet by one of my fav bloggers, Kim Roach. You may notice that her blog, Buzzblogger, is at the top of my “Excellent Blogs I Follow” list over on the sidebar.)

This post goes over a fantastic ‘social sharing platform’ called “Just Retweet“. And though it’s name suggests it’s original focus, it has expanded beyond it’s Twitter roots. It’s purpose is to help you get more Retweets, +1 shares and Facebook “Likes”.

Just Retweet

Just Retweet promises that “active users of the site will automatically gain more followers” – but it will do a lot more than that: it’s a fast, easy, and cheap way to boost your “social proof”, and generate targeted, qualified traffic.

It has an affiliate program, featured member and V.I.P options… And it’s free.

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What Is Just Retweet?

In essence, it’s a trading platform where members “retweet” or promote your messages in return for you “retweeting” or promoting theirs – but it’s done in such a fashion as to minimize noise & junk promoting, and maximize real value.

JustRetweet has some specific requirements and rules, and it will simplify life if you learn these right now:

  • It works on a “credit” system. You start out with 100 and earn more by Retweeting other JustRetweet member messages. (This means everyone is highly motivated to Retweet your messages!)
  • No ‘auto-tweets’, ‘auto-follows’, or spam allowed.
  • Only posts containing URLS can be Retweeted, so you will need to sign up with an URL shortener such as bit.ly .
  • You cannot request Retweets for “sales pages, direct affiliate links, squeeze pages, homepage links, and other overly promotional or low quality content” (they’ll be deleted).
  • You are allowed to submit a maximum of three Tweets in twenty-four hours. You can use multiple Twitter accounts – but you cannot post Tweets to the same URL from your other account. (Think of it as one URL per twenty-four hours.)
  • All Tweets must contain an URL

If you don’t already have one, go ahead and sign up with an URL shortener (I use bit.ly as it’s very easy to use and gives you great analytics about your links).

There are three easy steps you’ll need to take, to get up and racing out of the starting gate:

  1. Sign up
  2. Post your Tweets
  3. Acquire more followers.

So let’s not waste time wondering if this particular platform is right for you. Let’s just check it out for ourselves.

And yes – JustRetweet does seem to be in flux (like so many social platforms – old and new – these days) and some former features (such as “Retweet Exchange”) seem to be unavailable.

The important step to take is to just sign up and experiment – while you’re still in on the ground floor.

Step One: Signing Up and Signing In

JustRetweet is based on a “credit” system – but these are not paid credits.

a) First you have to log in using your Twitter account from JustRetweet’s home page. Press “Sign in with Twitter” button in the top right corner. (Don’t worry: JustRetweet won’t be able to see your password.)


Enter your Twitter name and password.

JustRetweet signup

You will be directed to a “Welcome” page, where you can create your account by entering your email address.

JustRetweet account

You’ll be immediately redirected to your JustRetweet Dashboard, where you can see different sections accessible by tab.

JustRetweet Twitter Traffic

Step Two: Familiarize Yourself with Just Retweet Tabs, Settings and Options

Let’s take a moment to acquire a quick overview of JustRetweet’s options and features by exploring these tabs…

a) Twitter Followers – Here’s where you can find Featured Members, as well as other types of Twitter Followers:

  • Top Submitters
  • Top Influencers
  • Top Promoters

Note that, using a drop-down menu, you can filter these Submitter types by time frame (E.g.: “Last 7 Days”.)

JustRetweet Twitter Followers

Begin selecting a few members to follow straight away, so you’ll have someone to Retweet your posts – starting with JustRetweet itself.

JustRetweet Twitter Followers

b) Activity Summary – This is going to be a tab you’ll use a lot, once you’ve got a bunch of Tweets posted via JustRetweet. You can filter the results by day and activity type:

JustRetweet Activity Summary

You won’t have any activity to filter or look through, so go ahead and submit a Tweet.

c) Buy Credits – You are started off with 100 credits, which allows you to play around a little and learn what works for you. When you fill out your profile under the next Tab we’re going to visit, you can set a default amount of credits you are offering to promote your Tweets as well as a time interval between Retweets.

There are four basic packages, which you can easily purchase through PayPal…

Just Retweet Credits

For now, let’s stick with your basic free 100 credits, to get you started.

d) Settings – This is an extremely important section. Here’s where you set up your blog URL and specify other things you want to add to your profile, or change within your JustRetweet account.

Just Retweet Settings

Fill in your email address, and use the drop-down arrows to select your country and the interval at which you’d like your Tweets to be Retweeted.

Leave “Credits Per Follow” at the default “2” for now, until you start getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

Fill in your website Title, URL and a brief description containing your keywords.

Press “Update”.

You should now see a notification in bright green that your update was successful.

Just Retweet Account Update

1. Affiliates – This link will take you directly to the Affiliates sub-site, where you can familiarize yourself with how the program works by reading the Overview and FAQ sections, taking a Tour, and signing up for it, if desired.

JustRetweet Affiliate Program

JustRetweet offers 30% commission.

Step Three: Write Your First Tweet

Now you’re ready to start submitting Tweets with URLS you want shared – and Retweeting other peoples’.

  1. Get started by pressing the “submit a tweet” link. (Note that your 100 free credits shows up here.)JustRetweet Activity Summary
  2. Go to your Activity Summary Tab. Write a Tweet that (a) you’d really love people to share (b) includes your shortened URL. (Note: Your URL doesn’t have to be shortened: It’s just that you’ll leave more room for Retweets, if you shorten longer links.)

JustRetweet Submit A Tweet

Be sure to check the radio boxes for social networks you’d like to allow access via JustRetweet. (Twitter will already be pre-selected.)

Note also that your submitted tweet “will be moderated before going live on site”, so you will have to wait a while to see what your new Tweet shared via JustRetweet looks like.

Step Four: Retweet Other Members’ Tweets

And here’s the really important part – share other members’ Tweets.

1. Go to your Dashboard Tab and scroll down. You’ll see a tasty selection of Tweets you can choose from.


Notice that you can:

  • Find optimized Tweets using the drop-down categories and keywords; or enter your own unique search
  • Weight your Retweeting decisions based on the number of credits being offered for a Retweet. (This should not be your primary decision maker.)

2. When you are ready, simply click on “Schedule Retweet” and JustRetweet will take care of this automatically, based on the criteria given by the Tweeter in his or her Settings.


You can also choose to “Like” the Tweet you’ve selected on Facebook, as well as pressing the “+1” button for Google Plus.


And that’s all there is to it!

Ten Tips for Just Retweet Success

JustRetweet is still in its early stages compared to other social media managers, so there are no hard and fast rules – conditions for success fluctuate as the audience changes and grows: However, there are seven tips that will most likely always stay evergreen for this platform…

1. Choose your Retweets carefully. Avoid the temptation to Retweet all and sundry, or you’ll quickly gain the reputation as an “empty” Tweeter. Use aids such as keywords, categories and custom search parameters to make sure each Retweet you schedule is well-suited to your own audience.

2. Make sure you share your highest-quality content. If you want others – especially other influencers in your niche – to Retweet you, make sure you’ve got something worth Retweeting. This is your fastest way to becoming one of the top influencers yourself – delighting not only your own audience, but that of people who Retweet your content.

3. Don’t Retweet suspected spammers. You’ll easily sniff these out because you’ll see their profile photo almost every second Tweet offered up for Retweet! Whether they mean to spam or not, members with this type of volume will quickly become someone (a) everyone is tired of (b) no one “sees” any more. The eye will skim over their Twitter inbox-cluttering Retweets – and your own reputation will suffer for aiding and abetting them.


4. Use hashtags. Vary your own Tweets by using hashtags every second or third post… but keep it to three or under (otherwise you’ll create visual clutter and – more to the point – your post will look “spammy”).

5. Tweet others. That’s obvious, of course – but sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and neglect this vital part of using JustRetweet. (Besides, you’ll gain credits!)

6. Study the list of posts in your Dashboard. You can get a feel for:

  • • What appeals to you
  • • What repels you
  • • How many credits people offer on average (TIP: The site founder, Valentine Belonwu, offers 10 credits).
  • • Types of posts to Retweet
  • • Types of posts that are missing – ones that you would like to Retweet. (Then go write them!)

7. Consider paid options. This is not necessarily a recommendation: Some people find purchasing options fast-tracks them; others set great value by building relationships naturally. But do be aware the option is always there.

8. Consider becoming an affiliate, if affiliate marketing is part of your business model. However, never let this affect the quality of your Tweets and Retweets: Rather, it should heighten the quality and care you use in creation/selection.

9. “Follow” JustRetweet Members, as well as Retweeting their Tweets. There are credit rewards to do so and you can keep an eye on your favorite Tweets from these particular bloggers.

10. Remember platform is built primarily for bloggers. If you don’t have a blog, create one now – and make the most of its advantages and benefits!

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