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The Power Of Fundamentals: Lessons Learned From a… Powerwashing Biz!

Odd title for an internet marketing blog post, I know.

After all, I am a longtime, full-time internet marketer, immersed in advanced, ‘next-wave’ stuff.

And that means my livelihood revolves around technology & optimization.

Employing some new app, running multi-variate split-testing, re-thinking funnel optimization ad nauseum, etc.

I do all these things in order to eke out a few percentage points of improvement somewhere, and so this is often where my time & effort is focused.

But focusing so intently on these things can be seriously detrimental to the success of my business, especially in the beginning.

Last week I happened across a Reddit post that brought that thought to mind and absolutely rocked me!

It wasn’t the post itself, though I found it very interesting, but rather a blog post that was referenced way-deep within the comments.

The blog post was a case study of… a guy starting a one-man powerwashing business.

Talk about ‘unrelated’… what does that have to do with internet marketing?

On it’s face, nothing.

Until you read it:

Powerwashing Flyers that took business from zero to $13,202 per month

(Note: I have no relationship with the guy, his blog, or anything else mentioned there.)

I found it to be inspiring, incredibly interesting, and a fantastic real-world illustration of the ‘power of fundamentals’!

Sometimes we get so caught up in technology & optimization, new shiny objects and the next ‘big thing’ in marketing approaches, etc., that we lose sight of the basics – the fundamentals that ‘make or break’ any business, online or otherwise.

I’m talking about the things that determine whether our path is one of general growth & success, or whether we get ‘stuck’ on a treadmill of constantly trying to squeeze out some marginal success because we haven’t built on a strong foundation of basic business & marketing fundamentals.

I’m talking about the basics:

  • Basic sales & marketing copy writing e.g. “WIIFM” (“what’s in it for me?”)
  • Basic marketing automation e.g. lists & email marketing
  • Basic marketing psychology e.g. upsells
  • Basic human psychology e.g. testimonials & social proof
  • Basic management efficiency & optimization e.g. outsourcing

What does this mean for someone trying to make a go at succeeding online?

It means if you want to give yourself the greatest likelihood of succeeding, you should:

— Consider whatever you’re doing from your prospective customer’s standpoint – what’s in it for them? If that isn’t immediately – and clearly – obvious, you should immediately re-think and re-do your ebook cover or info-product title, your sales page, your ad copy, etc.

— Start building a list, immediately. As in, now.

And then use it to start building a relationship with the people on your list. Send out regular communications, but make sure they’re worth opening.

— Don’t squander the greatest selling moment we ever get: when someone already has their wallet out.

Make sure that when someone buys or signs up, you have something to follow-up with, whether it’s an ‘upgrade’ upsell, an additional related product or offer, or a lower-cost (‘downsell’) option.

— Leverage the strongest motivating force in human nature: social proof. ASK people who bought from you for a testimonial. Don’t like asking for a testimonial? Ask for a review. Or ask for feedback.

If someone does business with you, and isn’t unhappy, you have the opportunity to radically improve your business just by making that fact visible to others.

— Focus on the things only you can do, and use others to do everything else.

Not outsourcing is akin to trying to build a house with only one or two tools; some of it will go well, the rest, not as well as it could or should.

Without understanding and employing the basics of building & growing a business, we will at best be forever spinning our wheels, trying to make a lemon drive like a Cadillac.

The flip side is that we can forego almost everything else and still have a tremendously successful venture, just by building a solid foundation and attending to the basics!

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Michael Ullman

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